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The crew of Benny goes overland


"One day or day one"


We are Sybil and Christian, a Swiss/German couple with a homebase in Switzerland. After 30 intense years in challenging jobs it was time for a new phase in our life: We want to explore the world with our Benny (a Mercedes Benz Vario 4x4) as fulltimers. Started in 2015 with a rough idea of the vehicle, we went through an exciting conversion process for our truck, and finally in 2018 we had the keys for our new expedition vehicle in our hand.


Since years we love to travel. We visited mostly all countries in Europe, we did trips in the USA and in Mexico as well as in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia). Furthermore we visited India, Cuba and Israel. We made these trips during our normal holidays and during a sabbat year. And we always thought: "One day" we want to travel much longer, we want to have the freedom to really feel a country, its people and its culture.


So we quitted our jobs with 55. This was our "day one". With our truck we are now able to leave the mainstream roads and discover the beauties of remote places. We are now preparing for our big dream to drive the PanAmericana. We are fully on track. Currently we are expanding our overlanding experiences:


2019: Iceland (4 months)

2020: Scandinavia (4 months)

2021: Balkan & Greece (4 months)

2022/23: Tunisia (2 months) & Caucasus/Iran/Middle East (12 months)

2024: Central Asia

2025: Ready for our PanAmericana adventure


We are happy that you join us on our journey, here on this website, on Instagram or on Youtube. 


A nice article about us in the Swiss newspaper (December 2020), only in German
Article in Urner newspaper Dec 2020.pdf
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This is Julie, our sausage dog and third crew member. She loves to travel with us. Unfortunately totally unqualified as a watchdog (she is too cute).