Some links to interesting resources, which we use often

Overlander forums

Just click on the respective website picture

Vario Forum

A forum with over 80 Mercedes Vario enthusiasts mostly from the German speaking countries

Overlanding Trucks, our resource for heavy overlander vehicles above 3.5 tons

PanAm Forum

Our source for planning our PanAmericana adventure

Facebook group 1

A Facebook forum for the Mercedes Vario, in German language

Facebook group 2

A Facebook forum for the Mercedes Vario, in English language


Woelcke in Heimsheim/Germany is the manufacturer of our Benny. Woelcke has a huge experience in building capable and robust expedition vehicles. Probably the manufacturer with the largest experience in converting a Mercedes Vario 4x4.


Larag in Wil/Switzerland is a large Mercedes Benz truck dealer and has its own vehicle construction. Larag has a huge experience with expedition vehicles and offers spare part deliveries worldwide for its customers.