Overlander fellows on our trips


We met Evi and James with their Ford Oman on our tour 2021 through Albania and Greece. Spent several days together at the beautiful coast of the Peleponnes. You find them as "Reisevanaten" on Instagram and Youtube.


A great family of 5 in a sabbat year. We met them in Tunisia 2022 and drove some weeks together. And isn't their old Magirus truck cool? You find them on Instagram and Youtube.

Family everywhere

Another great family of 4 from the Netherlands, with a cool old Mercedes truck. We met them in Albania 2021. Now they are on their way to North America to drive the PanAmericana. You find them on Instagram.

Suita on tour

Lived in a village next to us, Iolanda and Kurt are now traveling the PanAmericana with a Mercedes Sprinter.

Swiss Grey Nomads

Rita & Eidschpi lived in a village nearby. Meanwhile they are retired and they travel around in their Mercedes T1 4x4, waiting for a ship to North America.

Quer dure

Ruth and Beat are living in a village not far from us. They quitted their jobs and made a roadtrip through North America with their Iveco Daily 4x4. Their next destination is South America.

Mankei Travel

Silvia and Christoph are very experienced travelers with a great Youtube channel and a Mercedes Vario 4x4. Perhaps we will meet them again on our Iran/Oman tour 2022.

Gecko on tour

Renata und Stefan quitted their jobs and are now on their way to become fulltimers, of course with a Mercedes Vario 4x4 ;-)

Vario life rocks

Maria and Stefan were lucky to get a Mercedes Vario 4x4 with low mileage, which was now converted to an expedition vehicle. We know them for some years, but also met them in Tunisia 2022. Now they are heading to Scandinavia.