Tunisia 2022

Most videos with English subtitles

We start our 2 months roadtrip with our Mercedes Benz 4x4 through Tunisia and take the ferry from Genova to Tunis. On the ferry and in the rally bivak in Tunis we see lots of cool rally verhicles and can´t wait to see the rally start.



We get a message in Douz / Tunisia, that an overlander family ( @Staubteufelchen  ) got stuck in the mud with their expedition vehicle near to the salt lake. We organise help, but various attempts to recover the vehicle fail. Now there is only one option left: The huge 8x8 KAT of the recovery team at Fenix Rally...



We are in the bivak of the Fenix Rally in Douz / Tunisia watching the rally teams repairing their vehicles after a rally day. We visit the oriental market in Douz and are excited about the colours, smells and sounds. Then we join the Discovery tour of the Fenix Rally for one day, how cool. Finally you will see some impressions from a trip with a MAN KAT into the dunes, taken by the recovery team of the Fenix Rally and  @Staubteufelchen  .



We follow the Fenix rally in Tunisia and relocate from Douz to the desert oasis Ksar Ghilane. We watch the rally vehicles, when they arrive in Ksar Ghilane, we drive a bit with quads, and we hang around in the oasis. Then we relocate back to Douz for the price winning ceremony.

Bei der Fenix Rally in Tunesien treffen wir Tobias Teichmann und seine Crew von 4Wheel24. Mit ihrem Magirus Deutz 150-34 nehmen sie an der Rally teil. Ein Glück für uns, denn so haben wir die Chance, uns den Rally Truck mal aus der Nähe anzuschauen. Tobias Teichmann zeigt uns in diesem 1. Teil den Magirus Deutz 150-34 von innen und aussen und verrät einige coole An- und Ausbauten. Teil 2 folgt dann am nächsten Sonntag, mit einem wilden Ritt durch die Dünen von Douz. (No English subtitles for this video)

In diesem Video gibts den 2. Teil des Interviews mit Tobias Teichmann, Chef von @4wheel24, den wir in Tunesien anlässlich der Fenix Rally getroffen haben. Anschliessend fahren wir mit dem 600 PS starken Rally Truck in die Dünen von Douz, und das auch noch garniert mit einem schönen Sonnenuntergang. Was für ein Erlebnis in diesem wunderschönen und riesigen Sandkasten! (No English subtitles for this video)

After a few days of doing nothing in the desert oasis Ksar Ghilane we drive together with  @Staubteufelchen  to the Berber village Chenini, well known for its cave dwellings. The route is a bumpy piste embedded in an amazing desert landscape.

Together with @Staubteufelchen we take the route from the Berber village Chenini to the Berber village Ksar Hadada, one of many Star Wars filmsets in Tunisia. From there we drive to a cool overnight spot in Ksar Hallouf. In Matmata (another Star Wars filmset) we visit a colorful folk festival. Finally we drive to the sea, to Limaoua Beach south of Gabes.

In this video we drive to Kebili, to enjoy the great hospitality of Arafat & Latifa on the campground "Les Amis du Camping". Next stops are at the big salt lake Chott el Djerid and Tozeur, famous for its dates. We follow a track to another Star Wars filmset and then continue to a salt desert with a remarkable rock formation called Camel's Neck, located in an amazing landscape. At the end we do a town walk in Nefta.

In this video we drive to the Rommel piste, together with  @Staubteufelchen  . This mountain track is a fantastic scenic drive. Afterwards we visit the Bou Hedma National park, where we get the permission to stay overnight. How cool is that. We see Oryx antilopes, gazelles and ostriches. Now we have deserved a break. In Sfax we take the ferry to Kerkennah islands. We stay there for 6 nights and enjoy life on an island.

In this video we leave the beautiful Kerkennah islands and drive to Djerba island. Stops on the way are in Ksar Hallouf and in Chenini. On our way to Camp Zmela in the desert the tracks become more and more sandy, and one of our travel fellows gets stuck in the sand. Good to have a big MAN truck in our travel group to pull the truck out. At the end of the video there is a great drone footage of the desert dunes in the evening sun.

With our Mercedes Vario 4x4 we drive from Camp Zmela in the desert of Tunisia to Camp Retmet near Douz. On the way we pass Ksar Ghilane again, where we do a quad tour in the sand storm. And we visit the well known overlander spot in Douz, which is the Desert Club. Before we arrive at Camp Retmet, we drive to an icon, the roadhouse cafe "Cafe la Porte du Desert". A sandy track leads to Camp Retmet, and there we got stuck in the sand. But help is on the way...

In this video we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 from Camp Retmet in the desert to the three beautiful mountain oases in Chebika, Tamerza and Mides near the Algerian border. Each mountain oasis has its impressive canyon, we we visit for sure. Afterwards we drive another time over the amazing Rommel pass and then we explore the abandoned bus on the salt lake Chott el Djerid. Unfortunately this is the last video of our 2 months Tunisia roadtrip. At the end I'll give you some conclusions.

In this video we have summarised all highlights of our Tunisia roadtrip from the 13 videos in the playlist. We have been on tour for 2 months (March to May 2022) with our Mercedes Vario 4x4, mostly in the south of Tunisia. Enjoy!