Balkans & Greece 2021

Another trip to Albania? Are we serious? Yes, we are. We enjoyed so many good experiences in Albania during our last roadtrip in spring 2021. Sure, our plan was to drive to Russia from July to October, from St.Petersburg to Murmansk and then to Moscow, but the Russian borders remained closed due to Covid. So what else to do? We did Iceland and Scandinavia already. Portugal and Spain is overcrowded and it is getting difficult to camp wild. So why not explore Kosovo, which we hadn´t on our list so far, and then continue to Greece to enjoy white sandy beaches in October? Sounds like a good plan? Yes, it does. And to get to Kosovo, we will drive to Albania first to visit some spots we missed last time. Happy, that you are joining us again ;-).

In this first video I am driving from Switzerland to the ferry in Ancona/Italy, which brings me to Albania. In Albania I am visiting the new Malicamp in Kruje and make stopovers at the Lagoon of Patok and at the agroturismo Mrizi Zanave.

In this second video of our Balkan & Greece trip we drive to the amazing Theth valley in the north of Albania. The access road to the valley is beautiful by itself, and in the valley we do a 11km hike to the Blue Eye fountain. Wa take a Pajero 4x4 to drive a bit offroad in the valley. After Theth we drive to the mission church in Fushe Arrez to deliver our clothes and toys donations for the poor mountain villages.

In this 3rd video of our Balkan & Greece roadtrip we drive trough the west part of Kosovo. Highlights: Beautiful orthodox monasteries and amazing nature reserves like the Rugova valley. Up in the north the destinations are the Gazivoda lake and the separated city of Mitrovica, standing for the conflict in Kosovo.

In this 4th video of our Balkan & Greece roadtrip I am driving through the east part of Kosovo, from Prishtina to Prizren. Im not only visiting these both cities, but also the bear park near Prishtina and the beautiful Sharr mountains. I found an overnight spot on an elevation of 1700 meters, and on Prevall passroad I almost destroyed my drone. Finally I visited the mountain village of Brod, driving on a beautiful scenic road through the land of Gorani people.