Albania 2021

Beginning of 2021 we had to cancel our roadtrip to the Caucasus region, thanks to Corona :-(. But in spring the travel conditions have been made easier in some European countries, and it was possible to enter Albania without any COVID measures (PCR test, quarantine, etc.). So why not Albania? It is a country where you first have to justify yourself. There are so many prejudices around about this country. So let´s travel there and find out. Here are the videos of our beautiful two months roadtrip to the West Balkans from March to May 2021.


This is the first video about our Albania roadtrip 2021. I show you some of our preparations for the trip, then we prepare our Benny, and finally we start our trip. The trip goes through beautiful Switzerland to Ancona at the Mediterranean Sea.

In this second video of our Albania roadtrip we take the ferry from Ancona/Italy to Durres/Albania with our Mercedes Vario 4x4. From there it is not far away to the beautiful Gjiri i Lalezit Beach with a cool overnight spot. Also the Cape of Rodon is near by, and offers a great panoramic road along the sea.

In this 3rd video of our Albania roadtrip I drive to the agroturismo Mrizi in Zavane in Fishte, Albania´s most famous slow food paradise. Furthermore I do 3 nice detours with our Mercedes Vario 4x4, to the monastery of Lac, to the lagoon of Patok and to the moving sand dune of Shengjin.

In this 4th video of our Albania roadtrip we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 to Lake Shkodra in the North. From there we do wonderful trips to Vermosh valley and to Prekal valley to the old Ottoman stone bridge. Fur sure we also do a sightseeing tour to beautiful Shkoder city.

In this 5th video of our Albania roadtrip we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 to the mission church in Fushe Arres in the Albanian mountains (to deliver our clothing donations). Then we explore the historic town of Kruja with its oriental flair. We also visit the fortress of Bashtova. Finally we drive to the beautiful Karavasta lagoon with its pelicans. There we meet Achim and Ricarda with their amazing Magirus Deutz expedition vehicle.

In this 6th video of our Albania roadtrip we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 to the ancient site of Apollonia, followed by the beautiful Narta Beach. Having passed the city of Vlora, not only the beautiful riviera awaits us, but also the amazing Llogara passroad with great views over the Ionic Sea. This coastal road is definitely one of the most beautiful in Europe. In this video we drive south to Ksamil with its great bays and islands.

In this 7th video of our Albania roadtrip we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 from Butrint (Unesco world heritage, in the very south of Albania) to Berat. On the way we visit the karst fountain Blue Eye and the Ottoman town of Gjirokaster (also Unesco world heritage). Then we take a bath in the amazing thermal pots of Benje. Our final destination in this video is the impressive Osum Canyon.

In this 8th video of our Albania roadtrip we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 to Berat, the "city of 1000 windows" and Unesco world heritage due to the beautiful architecture. From there we drive to Elbasan and take the beautiful Krrabe passroad to Tirana. Highlight is the drive along river Drin to Lake Koman, where we put our Benny on a small ferry for the cruise over Lake Koman. The cruise on this artificial fjord to Fierze is just amazing.

In this 9th video of our Albania roadtrip we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 to the beautiful Valbona valley. Then I find my way back to the sea on the mountain road SH22. On the way I visit again the mission church in Fushe Arrez and the agroturismo Mrizi Zanave. Next stop is the abandoned Gjader airbase. Back at the sea, stopovers are at Spille beach and then the campground Pa Emer to prepare my ferry departure to Italy. At the end of the video I give some travel tips.

In this 10th and last video of our Albania roadtrip we show you our top 10 highlights during our 2 months trip. This video includes the beautiful town of Berat, the famous Blue Eye, die ancient site of Butrint, the beautiful Gjipe Beach and Canyon, the impressive Gjirokaster, the amazing Karavasta Lagoon, the curvy Llogara Passroad, the thermal pots in Benje and finally the Valbona Valley. And we do quick visits at the beautiful Ksamil, at the impressive Osum Canyon, at the Patok Lagoon and at the Agroturismo Mrizi Zanave. So we are at 14 highlights ;-). Thank you for watching and see you at our next trip.