Scandinavia 2020

Due to Corona we had to cancel our Caucasus trip. In March 2020 we were ready to start, and then borders closed :-(. What a disappointment to wait for the borders to re-open. End of May it seemed possible that the borders in Europe would open soon. The Balkan route was still closed, so we decided to do a roadtrip through Scandinavia to the North Cape. We did this tour already in 2011 with our motorbike in only 5 weeks, but now we had more time to discover Scandinavia and to enjoy the North Cape with only few other tourists. Our trip started at the beginning of June, and ended at the end of September 2020. We made 11´500km in 4 months. Here are our video impressions (all videos in German with English subtitles).


In this first video I am traveling from Switzerland to Rostock in Germany, where the ferry leaves to Trelleborg in Sweden. Video includes a nice drive through the romantic Middle Rhine valley as well as a roomtour of an old military Borgward B 2000.


Starting from Trelleborg in Sweden, I first follow the Eastcoast to Kristianstad along the Baltic Sea and then cross the country to Halmstad on the Westcoast. Beautiful beaches, nice harbour villages and amazing sunsets are awaiting us. This video covers the Westcoast up to Göteborg.

Driving through this amazing archipelago north of Gothenburg is a great combination of island hopping and ferry cruises. The trip goes from Lerkil to Kämpervik, making stopovers in Marstrand, Lysekil, Hamburgsund and Fjällbacka.


Now driving across the country, from the west to the east, passing the huge Lakes Vänern and Vättern and following the Gota channel. We really liked these amazing landscapes and the relaxed atmosphere at the channel.

We are following Sweden´s east coast north, from Gävle to Örnsköldsvik. Highlights are the Virgin Coastal Road and the High Coast area, a beautiful Unesco landscape, including the Skuleskogen National Park. We love these small fishing villages and fresh sea food everywhere.


In this 6th video about our Sweden roadtrip we drive the Vildmarksvägen with our Mercedes Vario 4x4, a panoramic road through the Swedish wilderness, which is 400 kilometers long. We pass countless lakes, we see impressive waterfalls, we stay overnight on the passroad´s peak and we see our first reindeers.


In this video we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 from Sweden to Norway. Starting point is the Polar Circle Center in Norway. From Bodo we take the ferry to the Lofoten islands. Massive mountains rising steep from the sea, white sandy beaches and beautiful red fishing villages. So beautiful! Furthermore: Sunshine and 25 degrees, we were so lucky ;-).


In this video we take the ferry from the Lofoten to the Vesteralen islands. There we do island-hopping from one island to the next and are deeply impressed by the beauty of the coastal road along the steep cliffs. Then we take the ferry to the Senja island, where we again find impressive mountains and beautiful fjords. Finally our route takes us to Sommaroy and to Tromso.


In this ninth video about our Scandinavia roadtrip our Mercedes Vario 4x4 takes me to the North Cape. This is the northernmost point in Europe accessible on a road. But before the North Cape is reached, the trip goes through amazing landscapes and follows a dream panoramic road along the Barent Sea. So lucky to arrive at the North Cape and the sun is shining!


In this video we drive to the Queen of Lapland, the Ahkka mountain. Starting in Kautokeino/Norway, we drive through Finland and through endless tundra forrests in Swedish Lapland (lots of reindeers) to Laponia NP (the biggest wilderness in Europe). The highlight is the 150km dead end road through the Laponia National Park to the Ahkka mountain. The tour ends at the Arctic Circle in Jokkmokk.

In this eleventh and last video about our Scandinavia roadtrip we drive with our Mercedes Vario 4x4 along the Swedish east coast southwards. After nearly 4 months on the road and 11500km this is sadly the end of the trip. In this video there is also some information about our travel plans for the next year 2021.